The ball more in Wei Shao hands

The ball more in Wei Shao hands, which is less Wei increase "three pairs" of the main reasons Jesper Fast Jersey, while the Thunder's results pick up. The ball more in Wei Shaoshou, he and Adams pick-and-roll increase, "air relay" extraordinary effect, Adams became a scoring Reds. But both George and Anthony are affected by this shift, with their scores and hits declining as both have been accustomed to having the ball in their hands for so many years and playing ball naturally. Little prejudice against Wei Brian Leetch Jersey, you are missing a legendary basketball new era. He can play 42 "triple-double" miracles as a single core, or take the initiative to sacrifice himself in "triple-core" teams. But in any case change, the score is the benchmark, the pressure of the Thunder under the win, the ball more and more back to Wei less hands. The year-end war is the focus of the media and fans, is a big protection ratings, the Union naturally not neglect. Year-end war every year is either a strong dialogue or an encounter between enemies or a new topic Kevin Hayes Jersey. It is precisely because of these gimmicks that year-end war was born so many classic war Eric Staal Jersey, let us pick into the new century into the ten classic year-end war, and we review together.

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