If the Rockets to overcome the difficulties

If the Rockets to overcome the difficulties of the introduction of James, they will have to face the issue of the distribution of the ball, Harden and Paul are ball-type play, James also play a key player in the Cavaliers Nick Holden Jersey, even if Carey - Owen in the team, James Also have the right to control the ball in charge of organizing the series. Three ball-type superstar joint can be compatible? Jeff thinks this is not a problem, he said: "In fact, when you look at James left the Heat Knight then, Wade also need to have the ball in hand, Bosh in the Raptors as well, but then the three found a way to cooperate. Including the 2008 Celtics Keith Yandle Jersey, the Big Three as well, including the Warriors, the Big Three (Stephen Curry, Klein Thompson and Kevin Durant) need the ball, Green sometimes also need a ball, but They all found a way to play together. Do not forget Rockets coach D'Antoni coaching great, he can get. They saw I played the highest standard in the face of the best players in the world and I think I've proved myself. I can not comment on honor, inheritance Rod Gilbert Jersey, and the significance of these accomplishments, but I'm at the same level as him (James) in basketball, and I've said LeBron at the moment Here' Viktor Stalberg Jersey.
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